Sabine Freestate Festival

Sabine Freestate Festival
November 5, 2021 to November 7, 2021

Sabine Freestate Festival at Florien Fairgrounds. Lots of fun, food, music and much more!

The Sabine Freestate Festival celebrates the period in Western Louisiana’s history, when, in 1806 this region was declared the “Neutral Strip” pending settlement of a dispute between Spain and the United States as to the locations of the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. Legends and facts that have come down to us regarding this time in our history are the reason for the Sabine Freestate Festival. Activities include a western shootout, games, skeet shoot, pioneer demonstrations, parade, treasure hunt, and music. The Festival is held in downtown Florien, Louisiana.

Florien Freestate Fairgrounds
237 West Port Arthur Ave.
Florien, LA 71429