It's a Hunter Tuck Kind of Night

It's a Hunter Tuck Kind of Night
October 6, 2023

Hunter Dylan Tuck and Friends will rock your world with their set of classic songs spanning several generations. This high energy performance will get even the most reluctant toes tapping. If classic country and rock is your jam, you need to hop on over and join us!
Tickets $10.  Follow Village Theater on Facebook.  Call for more information 903-343-9917.  

Village Theater is a beautiful, historic auditorium nestled inside the Central Christian Academy, the first charter school in Louisiana. With over 350 seats, this theater is the perfect location to bring our community together in celebration of the arts. We can't wait to see how our friends, family and neighbors gather to enjoy drama, music and film in such a lovely place.

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Village Theater
1035 2nd Street
Grand Cane, LA 71032