Christmas at 4K Arena

Christmas at 4K Arena
November 28, 2021

The story of 4K Arena...the arena belonging to William " Bull" and Tonya Kyle was built in 2002 and dedicated to be used for the Lord's work In 2003, after Bull was saved. 4K is our brand and stands for the family name and the 4 members of it. From 4K Arena the Sondance Drill Team Ministry was birthed. My kids and many other kids grew up under the Friday Night Lights of 4K Arena. Every Friday night practice was held so, it kept all the kids involved. NOW, that we are Papaw and GiGi to Kendall Heard, we have a greater reason for turning the lights back on at 4K Arena...for the next generation. The Sondance Drill Team Ministry has performed at rodeos, churches and alot of places in between. But one of the most fulfilling things the Sondance Team and Cornerstone Ministry Church has done is perform a play either at Christmas or Easter at 4K that tells the Story of Jesus. Plays were performed each year from 2005 to 2015...and 2021 is our comeback year. Our Community Outreach Event Sondance Rides Again- Christmas At 4K on Nov 28, 2021. ALL of our events are supported by our home church, Cornerstone Ministry Cowboy Church. In the future our dream and vision is to finish the Sondance Arena at Cornerstone and support a full blown Arena Ministry there.But until then, the lights will be on at 4K for practices and upcoming events or plays. If you haven't visited before or in a while make the drive down Cordova road and get a glimpse of God's Glory...where we will be there telling His Story! -Tonya- FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK

Cornerstone Cowboy Church
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