50 Miles of Treasure - Searching for treasure from Stonewall to Joaquin

50 Miles of Treasure - Searching for treasure from Stonewall to Joaquin
October 10, 2020

Searching for treasures from Stonewall to Joaquin. 

What a better opportunity to see what's great with DeSoto Parish than on The Trial of Treasure. Starting at 7:00am and lasting all day. You can travel from Stonewall, Louisiana down to Mansfield then over to Joaquin, Texas. Of course, starting in Joaquin is also acceptable. As you drive Highway 171 and Highway 84, you can stop off at any of the hundreds of tents, stores, restaurants and more to find some sort of treasure. You’ll see tents and vendors in Stonewall, Grand Cane, Mansfield, Stanley, Logansport, and Joaquin. Don’t overlook the miles in between these cities. Occasionally, someone will set up a table with things to sell right outside their home along the route.

Along the route, you will find vendor after vendor. Once in a while, you might find a farmer’s market or a clothing boutique. Not to mention, you will find handmade crafts from pillows to clothes and home décor for everyone. Keep an eye out for home cooked baked goods or stop in at any restaurants to grab a bite to eat. You will need it to keep up your shopping stamina.

The 50 Mile Trail of Treasure happens on the 2nd Saturday of October. For more information, check out the Facebook page or message Janice Fontenot (318) 469-2843.

LA 171
Stonewall, LA 71032